Don’t we all want a place
A place of our own?
A little sanctuary!
Some place where
sound is “MINE”
Somewhere, where …
Sound OF ‘calm’

Sound is ‘self’

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Live ~ NOW

Live life now

Now is real

Yesterday is memory

Tomorrow is a dream

Live for reality

Not for memory

Or a





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All paths lead somewhere

New Image

All paths lead somewhere
And the traveler always has the choice.
Big Road
The village path
Or just a track on the hill side.
All lead somewhere
And the choice is ours,
Dear traveler to go right, left or straight, or just stop
Even if it road leads to a dead end,
You still have a choice
To take a U-turn or
Make own path.
Or have a stop for rest
The dead –ends are dead end only
If you say so.
Carry on regardless
Dear traveler.
There are so much to see on the road side
The scenery changes always
The lovely, the good, the bad and the ugly sceneries
The path will take you somewhere for sure
There are no dead-ends
Till you say so

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Life ~ a mystery?

I was negative
Life was Negative
I was uncertain
Life was uncertain
Life is so positive

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Enjoy being SELF

When you dance to your own tune,

Follow your heart

Listen to calling of your purpose

People might not understand.

They may even call you crazy


Most of all

The will wish that they had the courage to do the same

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I just started a journey of writing based on Prompts,


and here is a small poem on this prompt

just today.
my fears of yesterday have come true

The days long ago.
caught in a snow storm,
i was buried in snow.

I could see the white light of the sun
straining through the snow.
I knew i was dead but i was not.
but those four hours in the white coffin
under the snow was as if
caught in the dark room with no lights.

The fears were true.
and the ghosts real
The serpents were there then too

and today

caught in the dark room.
Nothing to see.
to feel only myself.
Not even knowing if walls are there
the fears are true now too. .

That was cold an white coffin then
today is black

But is it not just light which plays hide and seek with us.?
Isn’t darkness just absence of light
and light
merely absence of darkness.

I got out off the coffin there and then
the snow white coffin of snow

and today too
I will get out
From this coffin of darkness
locked in the dark room.


people might just call me
But I am just an escape artist.
An escapist if you say.
Just an escape artist from the domain of fears and negative light.”

~ Jawahar

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Creator ~ preserver ~ destroyer

एक था भगवान , एक था शैतान

दोनों मुझमे ही रहते हैं.

वह थे भी, हैं भी और रहेंगे भी,

मैं रहूँ या न रहूँ।

एक वक़्त था जब, भगवान और शैतान में होती थी लड़ाई

दो अलग़ अलग़ दुनिया थी- जब होता था सतयुग में युध.

पर अब तोः कलयुग है…. मुझमे ही यज्ञ है और मुझमे ही यम है

मैं ही युग हूँ, मैं ही श्रिष्टि,

मैं ही हर्ता और मैं ही करता

वह पुराण युग था जब ब्रह्मा, विष्णु महेश थे,

अब मैं…… इंसान…. सब कुछ बिगड़ने की शक्ति रखता हूँ

जोः बनाता हूँ, वह छलावा है

मैं परिरक्षक तोः कभी बन न सका

पर इंसान हूँ, बड़ा विध्वंसक तोह हूँ ही

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