When I heard- “I LOVE YOU”

दुनिया के सब सच सुन लिए थे,
बहुत अनकही बातें भी सुनी,
पर सच लगा था एक ही झूठ
जब तुमने कहा था,
की तुम मुझसे प्यार करते हो


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Himalayan Fox

Himalayan Fox

Photograph taken near Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, India on 26 June 2014

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Himalayan Greenfinch (Hypacanthis spinoides)

Himalayan Greenfinch (Hypacanthis spinoides)

(Photographs taken at Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, India)

Length 5 inches. Male : A broad line over the eye, some markings on the sides of the face, an indistinct collar round the neck, the rump and the whole lower plumage bright yellow; remainder of upper plumage greenish-brown mixed with black and darkest on the head ; wings dark brown, variegated with yellow, black and a little white ; tail dark brown, all but the two central pairs of feathers largely mixed with yellow increasing externally.

The female resembles the male, but is slightly duller with less yellow in the wing-coverts.

Iris brown ; bill fleshy-horn, tipped dusky ; legs brownish-flesh. The beak is conical, sharp and pointed.

Field Identification:-
Himalayan species ; usually gregarious when breeding and gathering into flocks in winter ; recognisable in the field by the pleasant twittering note, the habit of flying high in the air, and the yellow under parts, eye-streak and wing-markings.

A Himalayan species, found throughout the whole of that range. It breeds commonly but locally at heights from 4000 to 9000 feet, and occasionally higher to 11,ooo feet, and in winter it wanders down into the foot-hills and the plains at their base. On the west it is common in winter in the Peshawar Valley, and even appears in the Afghan Hills down to the Samana. On the east it has been found in Manipur, and is replaced by a darker race in the Shan States and Yunnan.

The well-known Goldfinch, conspicuous with its crimson face and golden wing-bar, is common in the Western Himalayas, Kashmir, and Baluchistan, coming down to the North-west Frontier Province and Northern Punjab in winter. It lacks the black head marking of the English species and belongs to the Asiatic species Carduelis caniceps.

Habits, etc:-
The Himalayan Greenfinch avoids heavy deciduous forest, and while breeding prefers to frequent patches of open deodar forest on hill-sides in the neighbourhood of cultivation. Several pairs breed more or less together in such suitable localities. Out of the breeding season the birds collect into flocks, often of some size, and these flocks wander about the lower hills in a very erratic manner, so that no regular calendar of their movements can be worked out. When in flocks they very definitely prefer open cultivation studded with trees, and their favourite food is the seed of the wild hemp which grows in large patches where buffaloes have been kept. They are easily attracted to gardens by planting sunflowers, as they are very fond of the seeds of that plant.

The ordinary call-note is a cheerful twitter, twit-it-it or teh-teh-tahy rather reminiscent of the call of the English Goldfinch; it has also a very sweet-toned note, twee-ah. The song, on the other hand is more like that of the English Greenfinch, a very amorous sounding screeee or treeee-tertrak The love flight also resembles that of the latter bird. I have seen a bird flying past suddenly descend In a circle to a tree, with the wings spread and extended high above the head and the tail partly open.

The breeding season is late, compared with most Himalayan birds, from July to early October, and this is correlated with curious features in the moults of plumage.

The nest is a neatly-constructed cup of the familiar Linnet type, composed of fine grass roots, with a good deal of hair interwoven in the interior as lining, and the exterior is often blended with moss to assimilate it to its surroundings. It is usually placed in a deodar or Spruce fir at a considerable height from the ground, and may be in a fork or clump of foliage close to the trunk or on the top of a vertical bough near its extremity.

The clutch consists of three or four eggs.

The eggs are regular ovals, slightly pointed towards the smaller end; the texture is fine and delicate without gloss. The groundcolour is a very delicate pale sea-green, and the only markings are a number of fine black spots and specks, usually most numerous towards the broad end.

The eggs measure about 0.70 by 0.52 inches.

(Source: http://avis.indianbiodiversity.org)


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Best results

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An open Promise is not meant to be kept!

‘Promises’ for a lifetime

~ remain Unfulfilled!

Everything on Earth,

from Bread to  Bodies

From thoughts to perceptions

Come with an expiry date.

A ‘Promise for a life time’ does not hold guarantee

To be true to yourself & to All

if one really wants to keep the promise

Promise for the moment and Promise with a ‘Time Frame’



~ Jawahar

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Innate Property

The Breakdown of Taboo

By Benjamin Grossman and Christopher Rupley

What’s mine
I’ll keep,
my emotions,
and let them
you’ll see

The smoke from
the tea I’ll brew,
taste the flavor of love
sugared with promises
sweeter than dried truth

And I’ll protect
my innate property,
take the time
to discover my poor soul
and understand my pain

Comes from my richer soul
that I’ve protected
over too many sunsets
and sunrises,
none of which
I was entitled to see in the first place.

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and CMRSYK1985: Make sure and check out his blog by visiting The Brown Bag Special.)

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Is it the time to re- invent the religions?



All Religions are the highest and the most pious. But the religion is pure common sense and the utmost guide for a wholesome life. But why do we put it on a pedestal, confuse it with rituals, make statues of the ideals but do not follow it in spirit? BEATS ME.

Is it an issue of one up man ship among the religion preachers/ middlemen or are we not capable to understand the simple language of common sense and simplicity?

All of us follow a religion. Even those atheists who say they do not believe in any religion follow the religion of atheism.

The dictionary defines RELIGION:

‘religion (noun) 1.belief in and worshiping of a God or Gods. 2. a particular system of in faith and worship’ (Little Oxford Dictionary, Indian edition, fifteenth edition 2013)

To me the first explanation “1.belief in and worshiping of a God or Gods” is not religion but faith. The second is more or less complete in essence. This way even the atheist who does not believe in God and Supernatural power, has faith in his atheism, hence follows the religion of atheism. The villain who believes in cheating, mayhem, villainy is a follower of the code of conduct of villains and in other words follows the ‘Religion of Villainy.’

All of us follow some religion.

But religion is not just faith, it is an idea,  logic, which once incorporated becomes lifestyle, once followed becomes the faith and once prayed to becomes the religion.

If we look at the history of most religion, they started during the tough times, when people were becoming aimless, warring with each other, confused, pathless, when a sane voice shouted. People listened to this commanding (not the tone but the matter spoken)voice and every time a new Messiah was born. With a new Messiah came a new rules of conduct, the logics true to that time and the common sense true forever. These were followed, written down or passed verbally.

Some religions also started when the people of a particular faith became disillusioned with the existing faith, were looking for something new to calm thire souls.  A messiah came with a different interpretation promising salvation.  The movement grew and new religion got formed.

In any case, the Messiah’s who came never believed they were Gods but believed themselves to be messengers, were knowledgeable, humble, with a very few exceptions.

All the religions which started, were true to the time, carried the logics and systems most suited to the time but by and large based on the timeless common sense and moralistic code of conduct.

They were necessary, important for the societal development, giving a path of right and wrong. (here all of the religions are same because the set of Morals and Common Sense propagated is timeless)

But a few mistakes happened by the followers of most religion.

  1. The common working man had little time to read what was written he needed some one to guide him. This is where the preacher came in, interpreting the religion initially and then later giving short cuts to follow. This resulted in ‘Rituals.’
  2. There were groups who understood but differently and interpreted as per their own understanding. This resulted in factions within the faith/ religion.
  3. With time, people deified the messiah, Made him a God or almost a God. The written down guidelines and the wisdom of the messiah’s became: Scriptures. The people who read and interpreted the scriptures became the preachers, religious leaders and men of power, at times even a greater power than the rulers.
  4. Now, since the religious preachers became strong, manipulated the words of wisdoms to suit themselves, they started to control the populace.
  5. The best way to control the masses was to mystify, deify, ritualize the religion. The masses started believing more in the religious leaders and the rituals rather than the wisdom and path of life it signified. The religious communities started becoming CLOSE BOX communities, leading to bigotry. Bigotry lead to hatred, fights, intolerance.

The positive thoughts, guidelines led to negativity, close box rituals and multiple religions/ communities/ faiths ( and sects/ sub-sects within them) intolerant towards each other.

Charles Caleb Colton once said” Men will wrangle for religion, fight for it, die for it; anything but-live for it.

So,  do we need a new religion, to simplify this complexity?

The answer is “NO”.

Religion is a dangerous word in itself since it has tendency to lead to closed box communities.

But maybe we can look at:

Redefining and re-interpreting  the religious codes of conducts, keeping in view today’s sensibilities. And also laying down a clear path that with changing times as learning’s and sensibilities change, the redefining and re-interpreting should happen.


Demystify the religions, give it in hand to each follower to understand, follow without ritualizing.


De-ritualize: the rituals within itself serve the purpose of building the community feelings but also play a dubious role of mystifying, giving the control in wrong hands.


Simplify religion, so once again it becomes a path to live life and not a bundle of rituals, mis-interpretations and bigotry.  (NOT EASY at all ~ many might call it an impossible task)


Separate Law and Religion:  the second most thing to do and even talking about it will bring in lot of flak.


We forget at times, that a majority of us do not choose our religion, we are born into it. We do not even look at it questioningly.

In this sense GOD did not make religion. He made Man. Man interpreted God  and created religion.

We also forget that questioning religion is NOT questioning the Existence of GOD. The GOD supreme is much above the religion. The religions actually have started as a path to reach the GOD. Questioning religion is not even question the path, though I am in favor of questioning because it improves the concept and eases logical interpretation and explanation. A person who imbibes a faith and religion after understanding and accepting will always be a better follower (than a person born into it) . He will never be a bigot.

Religion  is ideally also a path to live the right, logical, clean life. This can even be achieved by following a strong code of ethical and moralistic code of conduct. Following your own conscience for holistic, intuitive living.  But the religion, despite all its shortcomings, makes a strong social boding.

So to sum up, we need to simplify, demystify religion and make it contemporary by re-interpreting it to today’s language and sensibilities, make it adaptive and not restrictive.

If the founders of the religions, the Messiah’s had been around, they would have probably done the same.

As Thomas Paine said ” Every religion is good that teaches man to be good”


~ Jawahar

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