All paths lead somewhere

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All paths lead somewhere
And the traveler always has the choice.
Big Road
The village path
Or just a track on the hill side.
All lead somewhere
And the choice is ours,
Dear traveler to go right, left or straight, or just stop
Even if it road leads to a dead end,
You still have a choice
To take a U-turn or
Make own path.
Or have a stop for rest
The dead –ends are dead end only
If you say so.
Carry on regardless
Dear traveler.
There are so much to see on the road side
The scenery changes always
The lovely, the good, the bad and the ugly sceneries
The path will take you somewhere for sure
There are no dead-ends
Till you say so

About Jawahar SIngh

I am a compulsive & impulsive traveler. Being on the move is a mandatory requirement for me. I love photography. I am trying my hand now at Blogging. Still trying to learn how to live.
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