The Call of the Mountains

The Call of the Mountains

The call of the mountains
Call of inner~self

The undulations
Bald hilltop, Pine covered Hilltops
The ones crowned with snow

The peaks and the mountains
are not to be claimed or won over
but rather to be
Wandered and wondered at.

To burn negative energy
to bring peace to inner self.

(This photograph was taken of the Kanchendzunga range in the background from Rabongla in South Sikkim, India)

About Jawahar SIngh

I am a compulsive & impulsive traveler. Being on the move is a mandatory requirement for me. I love photography. I am trying my hand now at Blogging. Still trying to learn how to live.
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3 Responses to The Call of the Mountains

  1. Chhaya Bansal says:

    This pic by you. Really good.

  2. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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