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A Fulfilled life

It’s the ‘Simple Things’ that matter most A breath of fresh cool mountain air ~ The touch of warm sun on cold winter day… The sound of wind, rustling through dense forests. A cozy, clean room, smelling of pure wood … Continue reading

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The ‘New’ or the ‘Old’ ?

There is a new world at every bend A new life at every turn Old gives way to the new But still the new co-exists with the old The ‘Old’ and the “New” is nothing but a metaphor for What … Continue reading

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The start & the end

There was and the will never be The first & the last Sound the first & the last Breath the first & the last View The first & the last Touch The first & the last Flavor because every time … Continue reading

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Learning & Unlearning

There is nothing in the world That is temporary But there is nothing on the earth that is permanent Mind ~ CRATES Mind ~ PRESERVES Mind ~ DESTROYS Celebrate~ MINDLESSNESS Meditate ~ MIND

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In Love with Nature

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In an open relationship with LIFE

I met life, some years ago The confused life met the Mad me It was love at first FIGHT. We are still together With no promises of a future togetherness I love my life, but I have no fear of … Continue reading

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To pay respect to GOD, just sit under a tree

We go to House of Prayer For peace of mind We go to a Place of worship To pay our respect to God’s But we cut millions of trees to make a building (worshiping place), Tell me, is it fair? … Continue reading

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Just for a day, switch off the limits….. If one survives, The subsequent days might be crazy, good, bad, beautiful or ugly, but ~ NO BOREDOM EVER! Enjoy a roller coaster LIFE

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The Call of the Mountains

The call of the mountains is Call of inner~self The undulations Bald hilltop, Pine covered Hilltops The ones crowned with snow The peaks and the mountains are not to be claimed or won over but rather to be Wandered and … Continue reading

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Wise thoughts by the Wise

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein

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