A Traditional Tagin (Tribal) Dance

This lovely dance of the Tagin Community was recorded during Si Donyi in 2011 at Daporijo/ Upper Subansiri District/ Arunachal Pradesh.

Tagin refers to a tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, which is a member of the larger designation of Tani Tribes. Most Tagins are concentrated in Daporijo, Upper Subansiri district but some are also found in adjoining parts West Siang. In 1971, about 20,000 claim to be of Tagin ethnicity. Tagins are generally adherents of Donyi Polo, although two groups of Tagin–the Nah and Mra have come under the influence of Tibetan Buddhism. The Mra of Limeking Circle, along the Indo-China Border are not to be confused with The Mara of Taliha Circle. In case of The ‘Mra’ community, the adherence was never religious but cultural in small measure and in recent years they have almost completely converted to Christianity. Tibetan Buddhist influence among the Naa sections of the Tagin was a result of migration of Tibetans from the north in the 18th century as well as visits by Buddhist missionaries of the Nyingma sect who paid tribute to the chiefs as a result of Tibetan settlement in their land.

The most important festival of the Tagins, Si-Donyi, involves the veneration of the earth(si) and the sun(donyi).

About Jawahar SIngh

I am a compulsive & impulsive traveler. Being on the move is a mandatory requirement for me. I love photography. I am trying my hand now at Blogging. Still trying to learn how to live.
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