Happy in Hot Water

Happy in Hot Water

A family that bathes together, stays together

About Jawahar SIngh

I am a compulsive & impulsive traveler. Being on the move is a mandatory requirement for me. I love photography. I am trying my hand now at Blogging. Still trying to learn how to live.
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2 Responses to Happy in Hot Water

  1. chhaya says:

    Nice and rare pic.

    • Mind Style says:

      This photograph was taken at near Tashiding Gompa in Sikkim (West)
      It is really cold there and the locals prefer the ‘Family Baths’. This may be attributed to the fact that water has to be hauled from the source and also to difficulty in heating water separately for all family members using firewood.
      This photograph was taken after taking due permission from the family.
      Webmaster/ mindstyle

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