The ‘Forever’ Traveler

मुझे   न  तो राह  की  खबर  ही  है , न  किसी  कि  तलाश  है ,
जहां  यह  आँख  लग  गयी , बस  वही  तो  मेरा  मुकाम  है।

~ जवाहर Image

About Jawahar SIngh

I am a compulsive & impulsive traveler. Being on the move is a mandatory requirement for me. I love photography. I am trying my hand now at Blogging. Still trying to learn how to live.
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3 Responses to The ‘Forever’ Traveler

  1. Mahendra says:

    chal akaylaa , chal akaylaa- tera manzir peecchhay chootaa rahi . Chal akaylaa…… raahon kaa mazaa lo DOST , raah khud hi mukaam ban jaatee hai . U ONLY LIVE ONCE – make it KING_SIZE ! great site …………..

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  3. LeonardKn says:

    good post thx 960 chiladze

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